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Natural Health Products for Dog

About Us

Caring about animals, is written in the genetic footprint of our family. Sharing lives with our pets has been our lifestyle for years and generations, extremely rewarding and full of unconditional love and joy. Our pets are a wonderful part of our family. We care for them in the same way as we care for each other. Living a healthy lifestyle and extending the same to our pet friends, allows us to enjoy our lives in full and has led us to bring to life, the PetVitalityPRO.


PetVitalityPRO was founded on firm family values, with passion for animals, following our mission, to bring premium, holistic, all natural pet supplements to all of you, who care dearly about your pets.


We want to make sure, your pets get all they need, to live a long, happy and healthy life!


We have used research, scientific knowledge and collective experience. We combined the expertise of veterinarian, pet nutritionist, champion dog breeder and experienced pet supplements formulator, to introduce the premium line of advanced, natural pet supplements. In the process, we have carefully selected our manufacturer, to ensure the highest manufacturing standards as well as premium quality ingredients.


At PetVitalityPRO, we endeavor to create every product to offer maximum health benefits for your pet. So get started today and treat your pets with the best premium, all natural health supplements, available on the market.

Because We Love Them!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed for all our products. We are so confident that your pet will benefit from our products, that we offer 60 days, friendly and hassle free, every penny back, Satisfaction Guarantee.

All Natural Ingredients

It’s not only that ingredients matter. They make all the difference! We use natural ingredients, extracts, and highly concentrated natural blends, formulated with attention to proportion, to provide the best natural supplements for your pet.

High Manufacturing Standards

All our products are manufactured in USA, utilizing a carefully selected, FDA inspected manufacturing facility. Produced in small batches, you will always benefit from a fresh product, with long shelf life.

Safety Standards And Proof

We make sure, that our products are 100% safe for your pets. Every production batch is microbiologically tested in a third party lab to proof safety and purity. The microbiological testing includes: Salmonella, E.Coli, Coliform, Yeast & Mold Total Plate Count (TPC) and Staphylococcus Aureus.

Veterinarian formulated

All our products are veterinarian formulated, to ensure you get the most effective products possible.


Dog Supplements


Boost the health and vitality

of your dog companion!

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